Meet Dr. Robichaud

Meet Dr. Adrian Robichaud
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Meet Dr. Adrian Robichaud

Dr. Robichaud became interested in chiropractic as a young boy, when he saw how quickly and efficiently it helped his father, who had been suffering from agonizing back pain. His father’s results left a lasting impression. While at University, Dr. Robichaud did a chiropractic internship and loved seeing how happy chiropractic patients were with the results of their care. That’s when he knew he wanted to become a chiropractor and help others receive those same benefits. These patient interactions are still his favorite part of being a chiropractor.

dr ADRIAN robichaud chiropractor in durham region

Chiropractic Philosophy

Dr. Robichaud believes that chiropractic care is an integral part of an overall healthy lifestyle, along with nutrition, exercise and, when appropriate, medication. He focuses on neuromusculoskeletal issues, which include the extremities as well as the neck and back. Besides treating acute and chronic conditions, we also provide maintenance care — because after we help you get healthy, we want to help you stay healthy.

dr ADRIAN robichaud chiropractor in durham region Black

A Compassionate Expert You Can Trust

In addition, he is fluent in both English and French, so communicating your needs and goals will never be a problem.

Life in Oshawa

When he’s not at work, Dr. Robichaud enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids and taking advantage of local outdoor activities like walking and running. He also practices and teaches karate at a dojo not far from his chiropractic practice. And, like many people, he enjoys some down time with true crime or reality television shows.

Dr. Robichaud’s mission is to help people relieve their suffering and regain their health, and he would love to welcome you to the world of chiropractic care. Schedule your appointment today!

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