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Rob Comeau
Rob Comeau
Rajesh Nambiar
Rajesh Nambiar
Dr Adrian has been fantastic in releivung my pain on multiple occasions - once at my lower back and once at my neck-shoulder region. Very experienced and does a fantastic job. Thanks Dr.Adrian for your service.
Dave Wilton
Dave Wilton
I've found adjustments to be quick and really feel the difference to my every day life. Dr Robichaud was recommended to me by a friend that was serious about fitness and l would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their overall health.
Mark Chambers
Mark Chambers
Dr. Robichaud and his staff provide impeccable services. Starting with their phone services for booking appointments as Dr. Robichaud will personally connect with you. I highly recommend Dr. Robichaud for your chiropractic needs.
Zelle Lorenzo
Zelle Lorenzo
My fiancé and I have been under the care of Dr. Robichaud for years, and the positive impact on both of our back pain has been truly remarkable. Following just one visit, we noticed a significant improvement, highlighting Dr. Robichaud's exceptional skills and expertise. His positive and open demeanor, along with his attentive listening and strong assessment skills, contribute to a professional and welcoming environment. We deeply appreciate the consistent care and the positive results, making our experience with Dr. Robichaud truly outstanding.
Nicola Haw
Nicola Haw
This was my first ever experience with chiropractic care, and I had a great first visit with Dr. Robichaud. He guided me through the whole process and explained everything to me in ways that I could understand. The adjustments were very effective and provided immediate relief. Will definitely be recommending him to my friends and family!
Kennedy Osemede
Kennedy Osemede
Sidhardha Puttala
Sidhardha Puttala
Sathya “Kalakal chat”
Sathya “Kalakal chat”
Friendly staff and got a very good experience about the way they explained the issue and all possible solutions. Definitely will refer my friends.
Pat Monka
Pat Monka

Our client getting happy & give the best feedback

Peter F.

Booking a appointment with Dr Robichaud was easy and prompt. On the first appointment he made adjustments that gave me relief Dr Robichaud what was going on with my back and has put me onto the road for recovery.

Giselle D.

I wish I could express with words the amazing treatment I have received from Doctor Adrian Robichaud. I had an injury which stretched my hand, arm, shoulder (bursitis) and left my neck slightly dislocated…Beyond my expectations and in excruciating pain, I trusted the most recommended Chiropractor in Oshawa. The Clinic in general, the kindness of the staff and the medical equipment is excellent. Treatment has been not only physical, but in my opinion there is a deep sense of compassion synchronized with a pair of strong but gentle hands which can “read” where the discomfort and pain are. The relaxation, the muscles losing up tension, the spinal cord and bones aligning and the realization of healing is priceless…Just to say thank you, is not enough! I say like my Senior Clients in the Caregiver service I offer.”How could I ever repay you for your Kindness!” and the answer is here, I am writing this letter with the intention that someone would Edit it accordingly and place it on a Public Platform such as Social Media, brochures and even Oshawa This Week News Paper.

Pat P.

I recently received treatment from Dr. Robichaud for a strained achilles tendon and with just one treatment I felt some notable improvement. He advised that a long term treatment could include orthotics. Once my injury is healed I will revisit for assessment. With massage and some exercises I feel confident I will be feeling better soon. He was very professional and his hours aligned with my work schedule, I was appreciative of his flexible hours so I’ll be able to continue with my treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Adrian Robichaud

Penny A.

Dr. Robichaud is very professional with his clients. He is always on time and makes you feel comfortable in his presence. He’s very knowledgeable in his profession and dedicated to correcting your issues. I have even trusted my ten-year-old son in his care. I would have no issues recommending him to family and friends.


I was so anxious to see a chiropractor but Dr. Robichaud was highly recommended to me. Dr. Robichaud was very patient, listened to all of my concerns, answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. I felt relief immediately after my 1st appointment. During one of my appointments, Dr. Robichaud allowed my children to observe my treatment and took the time to explain what he was doing and answered their questions. I’m grateful for the recommendation and will definitely refer him to anyone in need of an excellent chiropractor. Thanks Dr. Robichaud!


Great environment. Dr. Adrian was very patient and easy to follow. I didn’t get confused once. Recommended for sure.

Paul P.

Just came back from a two week vacation full of long hikes with climbs and descents. No muscle aches or chronic pain in my lower back and no sciatica pain suffrage at the end of each day. I owe all of this enjoyment to a great chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Adrian Robichaud. The orthopedic inserts you fitted me with and my monthly adjustment sessions have really paid off.

Monique K., Omemee, Ontario.

I have been very pleased and impressed with the work that Dr. Robichaud does for me. I am never disappointed. Recently I have had two visits that had different pains and when I explained where they were he went straight to work and I had walked out without pain both times! I will continue to go and continue to recommend! Thanks again!

Kaylen G., Oshawa, Ontario

“Robichaud Chiropractic is Fantastic. Dr Adrian is so good at what he does and understanding to patients needs and schedules. We would never go anywhere else and recommend him always.”

Charles (Chuck) B., Whitby, Ontario.

Dear Dr. Robichaud, I would like to thank you for your adjustments recently. The kink in my neck and back disappeared quite soon after. It was prevalent for almost two months prior to my visit and did not go away. In addition to feeling better, I also have felt greater mobility in my neck and general movement. Once again, thank you!

Julia S., Oshawa, Ontario.

Adrian helped my friend Natasha with her custom orthotics, her feet are very very happy!

Bonnie R., Ottawa, ON

I have gone to chiropractors in the past who only want you to keep coming, … I have been fortunate to have Dr. Robichaud treat me and eliminated my pain.

Billy O., Courtice, ON

Went to Dr Adrian Robichaud and he fixed my hip. Well worth the investment to relieve me of the pain in the hip.

Shelley T., Oshawa, ON

Dr. Adrian Robichaud did amazing work on my shoulder. I went from very little range to full range in a short period of time. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. If you need a chiropractor, look no further!!!

Melissa P.

Dr. Robichaud was able to see me within days of me reaching out to him for an appointment. He was very thorough, knowledgeable and friendly during my initial appointment. Within 24 hours I experienced relief from just one adjustment. Chiropractic works! I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with Dr. Robichaud.

Bill H.

Dr Robichaud is very soft spoken and listened while I described how I came to be sitting in his office.. Once I was finished with my “story” , we got into the meat of an evaluation of my physical condition. Dr. Robichaud., met every one of my expectations for professionalism and knowledge. After a comprehensive examination he explained the issues he found and made a number of adjustments and I left his office feeling the same as when I arrived. What amazed me was later in the day I noticed that the usual pain that I would experience and accompanying fatigue did not appear at its usual afternoon time. Rather I continued well into the evening feeling quite well I am very hopeful Dr. Robichaud will prove to have “magic hands” for me. So far I’m very impressed.

Pedro B.

Informative first visit and good experience so far. Problem areas identified and treatment plan suggested. Looking forward to seeing an improvement in my condition over subsequent appointments. Thank you

Dale C.

I have been to many different medical doctors and surgeons and have had little improvement with my lower back pain. However after getting treatments from Dr. Adrian Robichaud I have experienced great success as he has made a huge improvement to my pain and mobility. His practical knowledge and skill in treating my condition has giving me back the quality of life that I have not experienced in years. Thank you Dr. Robichaud.

Maureen G.

Thank you so much for looking after my mom. She is fine today and pain free–first time in a long time.

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