Oshawa Chiropractor Dr. Adrian Robichaud Can Help You Get Your Life Back!

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Let Oshawa Chiropractor Robichaud Chiropractic & Orthotics Stop You from Living in Pain

Oshawa Chiropractor Dr. Adrian Robichaud Can Help You Get Your Life Back!

Your body has an innate ability to heal itself sometimes it just needs a little help. Since 1999, Dr. Robichaud has been dedicated to helping his patients get more out of life. We offer you a safe, natural, gentle solution that is completely free from drugs and surgery.

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For more than 24 years, we’ve been helping patients just like you get well and stay well. Find out how our Chiropractor In Oshawa can help today!

You don’t have to tolerate pain or accept being held back from the things you love doing because of injury or discomfort. At Robichaud Chiropractic & Orthotics, Oshawa Chiropractor Dr. Adrian Robichaud is focused on helping you achieve incredible results. You can relieve your pain, make a full recovery of your health, and maintain your well-being in the future all with natural health care.

What We Can Do
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Services to Meet Your Healthcare Needs

Our team strives to deliver the most suitable solution for your pain or issue. To meet that goal, we offer four core services: chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, and custom-made orthotics. We believe our variety of services complement one another, bringing you the best in healthcare strategies. And with this combination of services, we are able to address our patients’ unique needs and guide them toward a better life. Read more about our services below and learn how we can help you improve your overall health and wellness – naturally.

Chiropractic care in Oshawa

Chiropractic Care

Auto Injury Treatment in Oshawa

Auto Injury Treatment

Orthotics Treatment in Oshawa


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Massage Therapy


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Why Choose Robichaud Chiropractic & Orthotics?

Oshawa chiropractor Dr. Robichaud is highly experienced, compassionate, and professional. He’ll take the time to listen to you and, with over two decades of experience, he will let you know what to expect from treatment and what your recovery will involve. And if we’re not the right fit for your condition, he’ll let you know that as well. With language options in both French and English, we are able to offer the best form of communication for all our clientele. That’s because our patients come first: we want you to get back to feeling your best as soon as safely possible.

Our Team

Our team can help alleviate many common types of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. As a sixth-degree black belt holder, Dr. Robichaud has a keen understanding of the demands that athletics place upon the body. Many of our patients are fellow martial arts practitioners and others who participate in all types of sports.

Trust Us

Our patients - athletes or not - know they can trust our efficient, friendly, results-oriented approach. Whether you are experiencing back pain or have suffered a recent automobile, work or sports injury, Robichaud Chiropractic & Orthotics is here to help. We can give you hope and, more importantly, we can give you results.

2dr robichaud chiropractor in durham region

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a safe, hands-on approach to healing neuromusculoskeletal conditions. If you have an irritation of a joint or other area of your body for long enough, it can throw your body out of alignment and cause pain and dysfunction. Chiropractic gently restores the body’s natural position and the motion of the joints, alleviating pain and allowing you to get back to doing the things you love.

2dr robichaud chiropractor in durham region

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy offers the perfect complement to chiropractic care by targeting the soft tissues. Massage can help reduce tension, decrease pain, reduce muscle spasms, improve circulation and blood flow, and relieve stress. Massage is a key component in recovering from automobile and other types of accidents, addressing the muscles and soft tissues while chiropractic care works on restoring the motion of the spine.

This team approach of chiropractic and massage therapy provides the comprehensive care you need to recover from your accident – all on-site.

2dr robichaud chiropractor in durham region

Experts in Custom-Made Orthotics

Surprisingly, many pain problems can be traced back to your footwear or gait patterns. Your gait and foot patterns often have a huge impact on the rest of your musculoskeletal system because these patterns can create misalignments, and these misalignments cause pain. For example, if you have a collapsed arch or you tend to turn your foot outward when you walk or run, this can lead to pain or issues in the knees, hips, or back.

There’s no need to type in ‘orthotics near me’ when Oshawa chiropractor Dr. Robichaud and his team can offer you custom made orthotics. Most orthotics last about five to ten years. And they can significantly improve your quality of life, meaning they are absolutely worth the investment! Call us today to learn more. Our staff will gladly explain the process and help you book an appointment.


Our client getting happy & give the best feedback

Philippe B.

I enjoyed the informative and caring tone by Dr Robichaud. Things are looking up in relieving the pain in my shoulder.

Ashley C.

Doctor Adrian was very knowledgeable and helpful, will definitely be back!

Marilyn C.N.

No improvement is needed!! Such a great place..warm and friendly! And an amazing chiropractor. Thanks for all that you do!

Monique K.

Very comforting to know that if I could not be helped there that someone else can help. Relaxed atmosphere and perfect experience for a first timer!

- J H.

Since my first visit in October, I have received amazing chiropractic care! I can't believe how fast I'm healing. I'm very thankful for Dr. Adrian Robichaud's care and patience in my healing! I would say I was at 40% in my healing until my fall last week, when it dropped to 10-15%, but since my visit today, I'm back at 40%. I'm very blessed and thankful for such dedication from Robichaud Chiropractic & Orthotics towards my healing!

Mark P.

To-date, I have had 2 meetings with his practice and I have already felt the difference. I am self-employed, and with that being said, if I don't work, I don't get paid. 2 days after meeting with Dr. Robichaud, I am now able to get back to work. Thank you immensely.

Shelley P.

I experienced relief from pain I was experiencing after the first visit! I wish I had made the appointment months ago!

Tom G

A while back I was having such serious knee pain that a good nights sleep was not possible. I went to see Dr Robichaud and my problem was solved in one visit. More visits followed and the pain disappeared. Dr.Robichaud is a true professional and someone who really cares about his patients. So if you need a chiropractor don't give it any thought. Just call Dr. Robichaud. He has the magic touch.

Terry G.

I have a tendency to throw my back out every few years and I've been to a couple of other Chiropractors, but Adrian by far is the best. He finds out exactly where the issue is within 5 sec. and with a few manipulations everything is back in place, truly amazing. Also no pressure tactics like others who just go ahead and book you for more appointments, he says "just let me know if you feel you need another adjustment".

Shelley P

I experienced relief from pain I was experiencing after the first visit! I wish I had made the appointment months ago!

D. Byers

It's nice to be able to walk around the block and not have my back feel sore!

Geeta B.

Absolutely amazing experience. Both my nephew and I, suffering from chronic body pain due to sports, injuries, etc., could not have expected better results. Dr. R is professional, courteous, considerate, and very respectful. An absolute amazing experience. I now see him once a week.

Geeta B.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for seeing me today. I know there is still a ways to go in my treatment, but I'm feeling so much better. The pain has subsided substantially.

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